Catalan White African, as he likes to define himself. Companion of Nino Ferrer who hired
him in his band at only 20 years. In the early 80s he contributes to the creation of the group
Touré Kunda (Senegal), with whom he toured in Europe, Africa, the States and Japan until
1985 ... They become Number 1 of world music worldwide! For him, that time will remain
his "Initiatory journey" the spine of a resolutely free career!
Sax sideman on the rock scene, he worked with Alain Bashung, Paul Personne (rock and
blues song / France), other various artists on the International scene (Walter Arraujo / Brazil,
Foxy Camara (Guinea), Micky Finn, Skiffle ( England) and other various French artists such
as Alain Leprest Fred Blondin, B. Lavilliers ..... He participated in the recording of forty
albums, including the must Amadu Tilo, the famous Paris Ziginchor live in Africa and
Natalia produced by Bill Laswell/New York, Touré Kunda Shares the 'Novice Tour' (Stage
and live album), Alain Bashung; 5 albums of Paul Person whose Route 97.. Live at the
Olympia He played on biggest stages: Carnegie Hall in New York, at the Spectrum Montreal
to Tokyo, Dakar, Bamako, New York, the first Avenue Minneapolis, Chicago, Rézé ..
As a composer, he worked for theaters: Odeon, Carré Sylvia Montfort, La Colline in Paris.
He composed the soundtrack of the animated film of Eugénio Mattoti and JJ Prunés. Without
stopping going on tours with his own groups: Alma del Mundo with whom he released his
first solo album 'Alma del Mundo' '/ Méditerranéo. He toured with 'The Natural elements'
'then with the Groovin' Méditerranya band during the last 4 years ...
He rose in the universe of the best saxophonists in the world, thanks to his album “Con
Alma” in 2009 with the support of Francophonie Diffusion and SACEM. At that time, this
album will be released and distributed in twenty countries by DG / Spiral ...
In late 2013, he signs a third Album ” Chapter Free”: a therapeutic opus played all over the
Mediterranean spirit with his band the Groovin'Méditerranya.
Born in 1958, his real name Michel Billès, his cosmopolite spirit comes from his Spanish
mother and his Catalan paternal family in Pézilla-de-la Rivière, the place of Puig de
Perpignan, the Stendhal Street and memories of his youth that inspired him the track "Ortes"
as well as the sound of coblas, sardanes and Latin combos ... From the age of 13 to 18 Years,
he entered the Conservatory of Perpignan and was successively the pupil of Henry Tubert,
Claude Clauzel, and Jimmy Mc Ferrand, as well as of the composer of sardannes: Max
At the age of 18, the thumb stretched towards his destiny is on the shores of the
Mediterranean (Collioure, Cadaqués, Marseille, St Tropez ...) where he begged and joined
many street bands with his alto sax. A 2 year journey will make him meet many musicians of
various nationalities including many South Americans that will enable him to form a solid
repertoire Brazilian and Latino ...
In Saint-Tropez, he played each night “beuffes” with gypsy guitarists Boulou and Elios
Ferrer pushing him to "go up" to Paris. That’s what he did and wa very quickly asked for its
tenor deep sound in the variety and rock media. He was just 19 when he first met Nino
Ferrer, who asked him to join his band : this will be the start point of his French sideman
career. International scene begins with a first recording on the album "Carmencita” and then
with the music of the movie "Litan" of Jean Pierre Mocky. At that time; a pure rock'nroll
internship is offered to him with one record within the Scott'Finn band Micky Finn at the
castle of Hérouville : No Comments!
In the early 80s, he me in La Rochelle a new African group Touré Kunda, who just recorded
Ema ... .Contracted to go on tour with them. Five years leading the tour in Africa to the
States, Japan, Europe, Canada ... Until 1986, he contributed to the albums "Paris-
Ziguinshor", "Amadu Tilo" and "Natalia" produced by Bill Laswell ... During a year off
spent in Morocco, Algeria and southern France, he met Olivier Guindon who introduced him
to Alain Bashung, will work with him during 2 years partipating in the Novice album
recorded between France and Montreal where they played at the Spectrum. During this
period he will meet French bluesman Paul Personne which will become sideman for 10 years
: scenes and albums including "La route de la chance", "Rêve idéal d’un naïf idéal",
"Patchwork électrique," "Route 98 '' ...
Alongside his career as a sideman, he worked as a composer for theates and signed the music
of "La femme sur le lit" of Brusati and "La sage épouse" of Goldoni in the Persona Co. :
Theatre de la Colline, Carré de Sylvia Montfort and Odeon in Paris.
He also performed with many clubs in Paris and around France playing and experiencing his
compositions ... During 10 years, he recorded 20 albums with great encounters : Jean Pierre
Kalfon, Pierre Baruch, Alain Leprest … composed the music of the movie "Eugenio" of
Matotti, the soundtrack received numerous awards in the year of its release.
In 1999 his first solo album "Alma del Mundo" is launched and Michel formed his band with
the same name and performed in many concerts and festivals throughout the Mediterranean
basin about 3 years ... It becomes at this time one of the pillars of hard Mojito Havana club in
Paris where he will meet the pianist Yves Prével with whom he created many projects.
From 2006 Don Billiez created his own style: "Mediteranean Latin Jazz" style. He then
forged a solid reputation charismatic driver not giving way to concessions. His compositions,
sublime melodies of Latin lyricism tinged with jazz and world music.
Saxophone Tenor, the styling of its expression becomes free, the sound of grain, unique
timbre, throat .. make a musician's personality immediately recognizable ...
Then he decided to go with his friend the engineer Ali Laoumen in a mega-production
around the latter compositions inviting all the best musical events to record a album. A thirty
musicians and three years to give birth to “Con Alma”, album which benefited from the
"helping to create selection" by the SACEM in the jazz category / world and which was
supported in 2008 by the "francophonie broadcast" to overseas. Distributed by Dg / Spiral:
Believe -Shortly promoted in France can be regularly heard this album, especially the title
funcklatino "Kalimucho" on the radio Ilinois (USA) and Méditerranéo must-have title in
Greece, Uruguay, Mexico, Andore ...
In 2010, with his son Arthur, drummer, created the MED Quartet, with the bassist Pierre
Fayolle and the pianist Julien Teissier. They met trumpeter Philippe Anicaux and
percussionist Sebastien L 'Hermitte and formed the Groovin'Mediterranya. This will be
followed by the recording of the album Chapter free which he delegated the musical direction
and achievement by his son Arthur. The official launch occurred at the end of 2013.