image014   Jazz is music of the world…

It is because of this that Don Billiez,The saxophonist of catalan origin, travel in his albums , compositions to evoke facets of the spirit of the world: (The third world, Afrika, Barcelona, the urban crisis, the breath of the desert, the Mediterranean, Amazon déforestation)

His Last record: is a hymn to mother earth. the saxophonist is the story teller; The  »  toubab-Grio » dawn on his travels and experience (side-man sax for many bands : Touré Kunda (Africa) Rocker With the french rock singer Alain Bashung, Bluesman with Paul Personne,among others…)To speak freely with his instrument, unhindered, by musical stereotypes.

This album is also a homage to the jazz greats of the thirdworld: those we often forget to regognise: Don Cherry, Gato Barbieri, Pharoa sanders , Jim pepper, Abdulah ibrahim..;I s it jazz, world music, Afro-Latin,Groove? just what is the musicof today.

Above all else it’s the music of one saxophonist who offers us, his very personal interpretation, steeped in all these musical influences.